9 thoughts on “PHOTO: Salvador Dali Theatre-Museum in Figueres, Spain, Displays Dali’s Signature Eggs on Main Tower”

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  2. Great picture! I love this place! I went to Figueres especially to visit this museum, as I love Dali! Looks great in the evening indeed!

      • Hello – my name is Hubert von Schilcher and I am a “Calendar-maker”. Congratulation. It’s a great picture from the Dali Museum in Figueras. .
        Is it possible to get the data of this image for a famous wall-calendar? Of course we’ll pay copyright fees if you agree and the data 300dpi minimum.
        The Titel of this calendar is “Rarities” and is a collection of very rare moments from nature, architcture and animal life.
        Becaus we are very short in time… I would very much appreciate if you can answer this question very soon.

        Thank you very much

        Best regards

        Hubert von Schilcher

  3. Beautiful picture. Only after seeing a Dali exhibit in NYC did I become a fan. Another lesson in not judging until you see the whole picture. Amazing art, amazing artist. I liked your picture so much, I shared it on my FB page.


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