PHOTO: Municipal Palace, Chiclayo, Peru

PHOTO: Illuminated Municipal Palace at Night in Chiclayo, Northern Coast of Peru

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6 Comments on “PHOTO: Illuminated Municipal Palace at Night in Chiclayo, Northern Coast of Peru

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  2. Good Afternoon, Another beautiful photo.  I am so enjoying all your photos from Ecuador and Peru….two of my favorite countries.  By the way, planning on going to Burma, have you been there?  Any suggestions.  Kathy

    • Hi Kathy: Was supposed to be in Myanmar (Burma) right now, but the sale of my bank kept me here in the States this month, as they required us to change all account numbers, debit cards, online banking setups, etc. Can’t travel without debit cards & online banking, so I was stuck. I just got everything squared away, but it’s too hot there right now, so I’ve put it off for the moment, however it’s VERY high on my travel wish list.

  3. Good morning Barbara. I hope you are well.

    Question. As far as the countries you have highlighted in your emails, what are the time limits set for being able to stay in country?

    I travel a lot but not abroad. However, my travels have taught me that one day, week or even a month is usually not enough for me to feel as though I am satisfied and so I more often than not enjoy extended stays.


    • Hi Don: I completely agree – I prefer to stay longer times and immerse in the cultures of the countries I visit. Recently I stayed two months in Ecuador and a month in Peru. I would have liked to stay a bit longer in Peru and will undoubtedly return some day. Each country sets its own limits as to how long visitors can stay. You don’t say where you’re from, but U.S.citizens can go to most countries and get a visa on arrival. In most cases, we can stay up to 90 days. In a couple of places I discovered we can stay longer: six months in Mexico and five months in Nepal, for example. Of course, how long they give you is entirely up to the immigration agent who stamps you into the country – the length they give you is at their discretion. There are a few countries where it is necessary to get a visa prior to arriving; among the more notable are Vietnam, China, and Myanmar (Burma), so always check before you book a flight.

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