8 thoughts on “PHOTO: Sunset at Uluru, the Massive Rock Monolith in Australia’s Red Center”

  1. Hi Barbara,
    Great pic of Uluru…. must confess that I have not been there yet.
    Getting ready for the big trip around the block.
    Recently bought a caravan and am now researching the best way to handle the first trip.
    Great blog.

  2. Beautiful shot, Barbara.  I’m heading to Australia soon and wonder how you did the Uluru trip. Did you go to Alice Springs and arrange something from there? Or fly in and out?

    • Hi Elruthstrom: I flew in to Uluru directly. It’s really expensive and the hotels and other tourist services are the same, because they’re all owned by the same company (see this post: https://holeinthedonut.com/2007/06/18/australias-red-centre). However, I did find one bargain. There is one shuttle service (can’t remember the name) that is NOT owned by the same company and if they are still in business since 2007, they offer a three-day pass for transport to the parks, etc. Unfortunately, the “monopoly” will not tell you about them so you have to do some nosing around to find out about them. I think I saw a flyer in a mini-market. From what I’ve heard, I’d probably stay in Alice Springs next time, since it’s a real community.

    • Hi Travel Wonders: I would dearly love to return to Australia and explore more of your beautiful country. I didn’t et to see enough of it the first time around! I’ll get back there some day!


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