PHOTO: Pumapungo Inca Ruins, Cuenca, Ecuador

PHOTO: Hilltop Pumapungo Inca Ruins and Gardens in Cuenca, Ecuador

Pumapungo Inca Ruins in Cuenca, Ecuador
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4 Comments on “PHOTO: Hilltop Pumapungo Inca Ruins and Gardens in Cuenca, Ecuador

  1. I remember all those cactus and succulents in the avenue of the volcanoes

  2. I am into filmmaking in Denver area. Your picture are beautiful and they are very sharp. Which camera you use and what are your favorite lenses? Do you correct your photos in software? Thanks. 

    • Hi Sanjay: Glad you enjoy my photos! I use a Canon EOS Rebel. This was taken with an older model T1i. But it’s the lenses that cont, not the camera body. This was taken with an EFS 10-22mm wide angle. I do post-process my photos. I shoot in large format and they must be made smaller for the blog, so at a minimum I size the shot. However, since my signature is high contrast, richly saturated shots, when I reduce a 45″ wide shot down to 500px for an article or 915px for a daily photo the image generally blocks up or blows out, so I usually have to adjust levels and curves, and sharpen as well. I also shoot with a 50 mm f1.4 and a 75-300mm telephoto, all Canon lenses. My post processing is done in Photoshop.

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