PHOTO: Plaza de Virgen de los Reyes in Seville, Spain

PHOTO: Giralda, the Bell Tower of the Cathedral of Seville, Dominates the Main Plaza in Seville, Spain

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Giralda, the bell tower of the Cathedral of Seville, dominates the central plaza in Seville, Spain

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8 Comments on “PHOTO: Giralda, the Bell Tower of the Cathedral of Seville, Dominates the Main Plaza in Seville, Spain

  1. I loved Sevilla when I was there in 2000, but I can hardly remember anything about it now! Gorgeous photo, reminds me why I need to get back there.

  2. Barbara, my daughter, a junior at UC Berkeley, is studying abroad in Seville for six months. I hope I am able to meet her in Europe while she is there. Great night shot!

    • Hi Nancy. Your daughter is one lucky young lady. I can’t think of a much better place for a student exchange. Fingers crossed that you get to visit her while she’s there – you’ll love Seville, and there are a couple other travel bloggers who base there.

  3. Barbara, your night shots are great! Do you have a tripod or just set your camera on something? Also, do you take several shots and cull out all but the best one? With digital, photography is a whole lot different now. Do you travel with just a couple memory chips and up load frequently for saving them onto a cloud site?

    Will you be heading back to Nepal soon or are you going to do spring in Europe?

    • Hi Steve: I shoot almost everything hand-held, because I have a very steady hand. I do take lots of shots and get rid f the bad ones afterward – the beauty of digital photography. I use just two memory cards, then upload to the laptop each night and to the cloud whenever I have a fast wifi connection. I’m planning to go back to Nepal in the fall this year.

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