PHOTO: Little Venice in Mykonos Town, on the Greek island of Mykonos

The neighborhood known as Little Venice in Mykonos Town, on the Greek island of Mykonos

The cute neighborhood known as Little Venice in Mykonos Town is named for its unique houses, cafes, and shops, many of which jut out over the Aegean Sea. In centuries past, when seafaring was a major industry in the area, sea captains built grand mansions along this shoreline. Later, it was a favorite haunt of writers and artists, many of whom featured the colorful setting in their paintings and books. In recent times Little Venice has become mainly a shopping district, with dozens of designer stores lining the crazy cobbled streets.

Buildings lucky enough to have a few feet of solid ground between them and the sea, like the restaurant in the photo above, use every square inch of land. In this case, tides require a reshuffling of the tables and chairs on a regular basis and even then, customers often find their feet lapped by waves. But in Little Venice, that’s all part of the fun, especially since the seaside cafes offer one of the best views of the historic Windmills of Kato Mili, which once milled local flour and barley into “hard tack” that would last for months in the hold of a ship. It is also considered one of the best vantage points on the island for sunset viewing.

Author’s note: I was a guest of Collette during my visit to Little Venice in Mykonos, Greece. However, the receipt and acceptance of complimentary items or services will never influence the content, topics, or posts in this blog. I write the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

4 thoughts on “PHOTO: Little Venice in Mykonos Town, on the Greek island of Mykonos”

  1. What restaurant is this at in the picture? I am visiting Mykonos in August and would like to eat there with that view!

    • Hi Dillon. I don’t know it’s name, but find your way to the waterfront in Little Venice, in the main town. If you face the water, the historic windmills will be on your left, and the restaurant in the photo will be on your right.


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