PHOTO: Troop of Baboons in Mago National Park in Southern Ethiopia

Troop of baboons emerge on the road in Mago National park in the Omo Valley of southern Ethiopia

In the early morning hours, this troop of baboons strolled onto the road in Mago National Park in the Omo Valley of southern Ethiopia. Established in 1979, Mago is the country’s newest national park. Not only can a stunning diversity of wildlife be seen in the park, it is also home to a number of indigenous tribes, including the Aari, Banna, Bongoso, Hamer, Karo, Kwegu, Ngagatom, and Male peoples. However the park is perhaps best known as being home to the Mursi tribe, where women stretch their lower lips by inserting a series of ever-larger wooden plates into slits that have been cut into their lips.

I was awestruck by the troop of baboons, and also by the other wildlife I spotted as we drove through the park: dik dik, vervet monkeys, giant lizards, wild dogs, and extravagantly colorful birds, to name a few. But even more than the wildlife, I was stunned by the geography of Mago National Park. With its lush blue-green foliage, copper-colored soil, stately flat-topped Acacia trees, and statuesque volcanoes, it was one of the most gorgeous landscapes I have ever seen. Even better, few tourists make their way to this remote, isolated park. During my time there, I saw fewer than five other tourists!

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    • LOL – I liked the ratio too Ryan. The landscape was absolutely exquisite. I’d love to go back and stay in a little cabin there for a couple of weeks.

  1. Another fabulous read, Barbara! Your adventure here sounds soooo intriguing and inviting. Beautiful sights, indeed. Love your photographic skills too!

    • Hi Nancy. No, it’s me who should be thanking you for being a faithful follower. You cannot imagine how very much I appreciate it.

    • Than you so much Morgan. Frankly, nightmare would be too kind a description IMO. I have absolutely no desire to live in the U.S. It seems to me that we have lost all semblance of compassion, honesty, and integrity. The motto seems to be “The means justify the ends.” They don’t. But as they say, Karma’s a bitch. I hold onto the hope that everything happens fora reason. Did you see the results of the Democratic Congressional primary in New York today? Gives me hope. Maybe we had to go through this to get to the other side, though it’s pretty painful at the moment. Hope you are well, and I really appreciate the fact that you are still following my blog after all these years.


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