PHOTO: Charming Nice, a Popular Destination on the French Riviera

Mucnicipal Police Station in Nice, France, on the French Riviera

Though Nice is one of the most famous destinations on the French Riviera, it’s still a simple town. I found this charming scene of a bicycle leaning against the Municipal Police station in the historic Old Town. Just a few feet away, tourists from all over the world streamed down the stone-paved street. Just like the locals, they browsed for bargains in the Monday antiques market that occupies the main street every Monday.

Even though tourism is a huge part of the economy in Nice, I never felt that it defined the town. Locals shopped in the same fresh markets as tourists, ate at the same sidewalk cafes, and patronized the same retail stores. For me, Nice was a remarkable example of how to do tourism right.

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