PHOTO: Perched Village of Gordes, in Provence, France

The perched village of Gordes, one of the most beautiful hilltop villages in Provence, France

The perched village of Gordes is a gorgeous hilltop village in Provence, France. Crowning a hill in the Luberon mountains, Gordes is visible for miles around. These days, tourism is the main economic activity in the village, thus this picture perfect location is today an asset. But it wasn’t always so. Throughout history, the wealth and prominent position of Gordes were coveted by everyone from the Romans to the Kings of France. As a result, the fortified castle was built to enclose the city hall and provide safety for residents during attacks.

In keeping with its tradition of independent spirit, Gordes was also a hotbed of resistance during World War II. The town suffered severe damage and loss of life when it was subject to violent reprisals by German forces. Fortunately, following the war, Gordes caught the attention of noted artists, who relocated and helped with reconstruction efforts. Today the famous perched village of Gordes is listed as one of the most beautiful villages in France.

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  1. A friend who is visiting perche sent me to your website with its beautiful picture of the village. Then I opened your blog and read about your experience with Lyme’s Disease and how you were finally diagnosed and treated with stem cells. That’s the part that really caught my interest since I work with Hadassah, an international organization with much focus on this very subject. If you don’t mind, I would like to learn more about your experiences with stem cell. Advances are being made almost daily and it looks like the field is wide open for treating many autoimmune illnesses and cancers.

    Wishing you continued good health and many safe and wonderful miles ahead.

    Myra Friedman

    • Hi Myra. I’m afraid there is some confusion. I did have chronic Lyme disease and it was five years before I received a proper diagnosis. However, I was not treated with stem cells for the Lyme. I was unfortunately allergic to all antibiotics they normally use to treat Lyme, so I spent a year working with a naturopath who cured me with homeopathic remedies. I did, however, have stem cell therapy done on my knees about two years ago in Milan, Italy. That has been very successful, allowing me to avoid having two very expensive knee replacements that would have meant long a recovery times and extended physiotherapy.

  2. Beautiful shot, Barbara. I was there last year. I was staying on the outskirts of Rousillon with friends, but they brought me to Gourdes on market day. I loved walking the streets, perusing the market wares, and feeling the history all around. I long to return to that part of France soon.

    • Hi Andrew: It was fun, and small enough that I did both Oppede la Vieux and Gordes in the same day. And I would also suggest adding Rousillon, another perched village where all the houses are red-colored due to the iron-bearing content in the soil.


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