PHOTO: Deceptively Sleepy Street Scene in Cavaillon, France

Typical street scene in Cavaillon, France, gateway to the Luberon region

This sleepy street scene in Cavaillon, France might make you think nothing much happens in this village. In fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Situated in the heart of Provence, Cavaillon hosts two popular weekly markets. Additionally, with its location at the foot of the Luberon Mountains, it is the gateway for people who come from around the world to hike its trails and climb its rock faces. If that’s not enough, Cavaillon has rich soil, abundant sunshine, and enjoys the brisk, cool Mistral wind.  As a result, the farms in the area produce the most delicious melons in the world.

6 thoughts on “PHOTO: Deceptively Sleepy Street Scene in Cavaillon, France”

  1. I heard that France is not safe to travel as before due to the terrorists bombing . Do you feel safe over there? Please give me some ture feedback about the safety is sure over there. Thanks

    • Hi Charlotte: Yes, I felt safe there. I think people are much more aware these days of what is going on around them. During the Theater Festival in Avignon one evening, a troupe of drummers performed in the streets. When they struck their first beat, it sounded like the crack of gunfire. I noticed people visibly jumped at the sound, and everyone was nervous for a few seconds until we all figured out that it was drums. That’s to be expected in the wake of recent attacks, I think. I’d be interested to know where you live. If you’re in the U.S., do you ask the same question? Frankly, with all the mass shootings across the U.S., in theaters, schools, etc., I’m more concerned with my safety there than I am in Europe.

    • Hi Robin: I also thought it was really appropriate for its color, since Cavaillon is the seat of production for the famous melons of the region.


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