PHOTO: City Harbor of Dubrovnik, Croatia

City harbor of Dubrovnik, Croatia, seen from atop old city walls

For a magnificent view over the city harbor of Dubrovnik, Croatia, take a walk along the battlements of the old city walls. The harbor is one of the oldest parts of Dubrovnik. It was constructed during the late 1400’s, with the breakwater added in 1485. As the original use was defensive, the harbor was constructed around the city’s 12th century arsenal, which was located behind the three stone arches seen on the right-hand side.

Though the walls and battlements surrounding the harbor of Dubrovnik sustained significant damage during the Yugoslav army siege of 1991–1992, they held up surprisingly well. Damage from the war years has since been totally repaired. Today the harbor functions as an active shipyard and provides dockage for pleasure craft. With its selection of shops and sidewalk cafes, it is also one of the more popular tourist destinations in Dubrovnik.

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