PHOTO: Whiterocks Coastal Park in Northern Ireland

Whiterocks Coastal Park on the Coastal Causeway in Northern Ireland

Over the centuries, strong surf has eaten into the cliffs at Whiterocks Coastal Park, carving myriad caves and arches into the jagged white limestone. Where land has prevailed over ocean, stunning headlands like Shelagh’s Head, the Wishing Arch, Elephant Rock, and the Lion’s Paw, thrust out into the ocean. The exposed white cliffs are home to seabirds, who nest in its myriad nooks and crannies, and to hawks who use it as a hunting ground. As Whiterocks Coastal Park is located within walking distance of the resort town of Portrush, it is also a popular destination for surfers and sea kayakers, as well as beach goers and horseback riders.

Author’s note: This was just one of many magical sights seen during my luxury day tour of Northern Ireland’s Coastal Causeway with Glenara Elite Travel

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