PHOTO: Typical Street Scene in the Town of Dingle, Ireland

Typical street scene in the town of Dingle, Ireland

The town of Dingle, Ireland, is the ultimate destination for those who drive around the Dingle Peninsula. The peninsula’s high, craggy sea cliffs and expansive sweeps of beach are backed by the Slieve Mish mountain range, creating what many consider to be the most stunning scenery in all of Ireland. Aside from offering a multitude of hiking opportunities, a rich tradition of music that lives on in the town’s many pubs, and some of the best surfing in Ireland, the town of Dingle is home to Fungi the Dolphin. Funghi swam into Dingle harbor with his mother in the 1980’s. Quite soon afterward, the mother’s body washed up on shore and the baby, having no pod to join, adopted the town. Boat tours go out every day for “Funghi sightings” – money refunded if he doesn’t show. They figure he’s about 42 years old now.

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