PHOTO: Nepali Woman Squats Next to Her Vegetable Stand in Kathmandu

Nepali woman squats next to her makeshift vegetable stand in Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepali woman squats next to her vegetable stand in Kathmandu. For many residents of Nepal, the meager sales garnered from makeshift kiosks such as this one mean the difference between starvation and eating, especially since the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal in 2015. She sells fresh fruits and vegetables, which she likely grows on a tiny plot near her home, as well as snacks such as potato chips and candy bars. She wraps herself in a colorful shawl to ward off the cold temperatures that descend on Kathmandu beginning in November. Her house, like most others in Nepal, likely has no source of heat, and warm clothing is the only defense against freezing.

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  1. Oh, Barbara, my heart sinks when I see the conditions in which some people live on this planet. Coming from a Communist country I can more than just picture poverty, pain and suffering. This is such a beautiful picture, not only photographically, but because it tells the story of this poor woman.

    • Thanks Anda. It’s not one of the better quality photos I’ve ever taken, as it as shot from a moving rickshaw, but it does tell the story of the conditions in which the Nepali people live, so I decided to publish it anyway.

    • Hi Bibi – I really hope you do hop over to Nepal. It’s unlike any other place on earth. Thanks for taking time to leave a comment.


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