4 thoughts on “PHOTO: Interior of Gum Department Store in Moscow, Russia”

  1. Barbara–Fifty years ago, GUM was one of the only stores in the city that did not have shortages of goods. My Russian language teacher used to talk about the long lines of people from all walks of life waiting to purchase standardized items. And now, all the upscale clothing and jewelry designers have stores there, but the majority of Moscovites cannot afford these items. When my tour group walked through the beautiful wide aisles with the intricate moldings and the windowed ceiling, no one was shopping there. It was like a museum with no visitors.
    As usual, your photograph is excellent.

    Irene Risser

    • Thanks Irene. I’m curious how long ago you visited. There were shoppers in GUM when I was there, but I really didn’t notice if anyone was carrying bags. It did seem that the Russian economy has improved a good deal, though that no seems to be reversing again due to the drop in oil prices.

    • Hi Lexie: Wish I could help, but we had only half an hour or so at GUM, so I really didn’t get to do any shopping there.


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