5 thoughts on “PHOTO: Men in Istanbul Take a Typical Afternoon Break for Turkish Tea”

  1. We’ve really got to get back to Turkey one of these days soon. We’ve only been to Istanbul on a long layover and had just enough time to visit some of the main sights and purchase some spices at the bazaar.

  2. Barbara,

    My youngest son lived in Istanbul for six months. He worked in a think tank and loved it there. He and I were in Houston last summer, and we ate at a Turkish restaurant. The food and the tea were so good, we went back every night for a week. I wish I had visited him while he was in Turkey, but I was in the middle of writing My Call to the Ring.

    Love following your journeys.


    • Hi Darrelyn: How wonderful to hear from you! It really warmed my heart to hear you are still out there, following my journey. So sorry you didn’t have the opportunity to go to Turkey, but there’s still plenty of time left, and right now is a great time because the Turkish Lire is declining against the dollar. I’m sure you’d love it there. The people are incredibly friendly and the culture is fascinating.


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