PHOTO: Archbishop's Basilica of St. Peter and Paul Poznan Poland

PHOTO: Jordan Bridge Frames Archbishop’s Basilica of St. Peter and Paul in Poznan, Poland

Jordan Bridge frames Archbishop's Basilica of St. Peter and Paul in Poznan, Poland

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4 Comments on “PHOTO: Jordan Bridge Frames Archbishop’s Basilica of St. Peter and Paul in Poznan, Poland

  1. Hi, Barb. My daughter Marion Nelson has fallen in love with St. Lucia and its wonderful culture and people. I have been exploring there via the internet, and it so much reminds me of the year I spent on Oahu as a boy some sixty-six years ago. I am planning to visit the island, and even considering re-locating there from here in West (by god) Virginia in the not-too-distant future. I have been discussing retiring to Western Mexico, somewhere along the Sea of Cortez, as some of my fellow cavers have done, but St. Lucia looks even better and the crime rate is much better. News out of Mexico had started to scare me a little.
    Have you been to St. Lucia and produced a photo-essay? If so, I would very much appreciate a pointer to the site. I already love Caribbean food, tropical weather and beaches, and there is even a Bat Cave, and, get this, a drive-in volcano! I have already spent, and could easily spend many more, hours in warm mineral springs, in spite of their stink. I couldn’t tell you how many pools and baths I visited and enjoyed between California and Memphis, or how many I have visited over the years in the Virginias, including Warm River Cave in Bath County, which is neither publicized nor open to the general public.
    I can’t say goodbye without telling you again how much I am enjoying your photographs and essays, and my hope that you will continue to entertain and intrigue me for many years.
    Best Regards, Bill Nelson

    • Hi Bill: Thank you for such a wonderful comment and lovely compliment! You made my day for sure 🙂 Unfortunately, I can’t help you out with St. Lucia because I’ve never been there. I hear it’s beautiful and it’s on my travel wish list. If you do go, would love to hear any tips for things to see and do on the island that relate to local culture. Take care.

  2. Love it, great colors too in this Photo. I’ve been to Poland but I have yet to visit Poznan but I hear it is really beautiful. The Basilica looks amazing too!

    • Hi beyondmyfrontdoor: Poznan was an unexpected surprise. I loved that little town and hope you get to see it for yourself someday.

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