4 thoughts on “PHOTO: Gorgeous Gothic St. Vitus Cathedral, Inside the Grounds of Prague Castle”

  1. Isn’t the stained glass in the cathedral gorgeous? Of all I’ve seen, it’s the one that really stands out in my memory. Perhaps because it’s 20th century?

    I’ve just read your article about unfriendly people in Prague. You also mention the crowds. Do you suppose the people who have to deal with those crowds of foreigners every day might have a reason to seem unfriendly? My job requires a lot of customer contact, and it’s not always fun!


    • Hi Libbie: I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, so to speak. Year after year of huge crowds can take its toll. The same questions are asked a thousand times and the locals must get tired of drunken bachelor parties and revelers in general. When I lived in the Outer banks of North Carlina, it was the same. The local population, numbering about 25,000, was inundated by 250,000 vacationers each week. By the end of the season, we were tired and just wanted everyone to leave. But, when you live and work in tourism you have to remember that the tourists are the reason you have a job, rather than an annoyance or interruption in your work.

    • The architecture is stunning, I agree Mark.But it didn’t make my lost of favorite cities for many reasons. Have another article scheduled in a couple of days to explain why.


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