3 thoughts on “PHOTO: Shingle Beaches of Charmouth, on England’s Jurassic Coast, Yield a Wealth of Ancient Fossils”

  1. It helps if you know where to look. They will hire you hammers – the only thing you will get by breaking rocks on our beach is broken rocks. Ammonites can be found perfectly preserved lying on the beach – if you know what you are looking for. They are made of iron pyrite and are washed out of the clay by the tide. Go on the beach around 1½ to 2 hours after high tide, head east, look for sand that looks like it has brown streaks through it – this is where the iron pyrite has washed out of the clay. In these brown streaks you WILL find perfect ammonites – you only have to look.
    Please note that these ammonites are small but perfect. 🙂
    Good luck.

    • Thanks for the tips John. I found it difficult at first, but once my eyes were trained on what to look for, it became quite easy to find the fossils.


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