PHOTO: Food stalls at market in Battambang, Cambodia

PHOTO: Fish From Tonle Sap Lake are Sold Alongside Butchered Meats at Market in Battambang, Cambodia

Bounty from Tonle Sap Lake sold at the market in Battambang, Cambodia
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5 Comments on “PHOTO: Fish From Tonle Sap Lake are Sold Alongside Butchered Meats at Market in Battambang, Cambodia

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  2. Nice picture of the market in Battambang. I absolutely loved Battambang. It’s a nice change from Siem Reap where it’s always full of tourists. Did you take the boat from Siem Reap to Battambang? I did and it was really nice. Especially all the floating villages on the lake with the waving kids. I also liked my motorbike ride around the amazing countryside of Battambang.. and of course the bamboo train :-).

    Nice blog by the way. I’ll keep following it! I’ve just started my own travel about 2 months ago and it’s always nice to read other blogs!

    Greetings Bastiaan

    • Hi Bastiaan: Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Yes, I took the boat from Siam Reap to Battambang. Interesting ride. I’d do it again, rather than take the bus, even though the bus is shorter.

  3. I love the markets of any town and city – the varieties of different food unsighted at home and the colour and enthusiasm of the shopping.

    • Every time I go to a new market I think I’m going to see the same old thing, but I’m constantly surprised by the variety. Every area seems to have its own local specialties. Markets (especially in Asia) are a feast for the eyes, nose and tongue.

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