4 thoughts on “PHOTO: El Alamein Fountain is Centerpiece in Kings Cross Neighborhood in Sydney, Australia”

  1. I believe they are all by the same Australian designer.

    El Alamein Fountain, Sydney
    The designer
    Robert (Bob) Woodward (1923-2010) together with Phill Taranto was commissioned to build the fountain in 1959. Woodward, himself an Army veteran,was 36 at the time and had studied architecture at Sydney University, and worked in Finland. The structure was completed in 1961 and officially opened by Harry Jensen, Lord Mayor of Sydney. The fountain made such a name for Woodward and the firm that he went on to design many others, and his fountains are his best-known works.

  2. I remember staying at a hostel in King’s Cross with my oldest daughter when she was 11. That fountain was sort a home beacon for us for about a week. Then I discovered we had the same fountain in the centre of Oslo, only it doesn’t have a name – and I hadn’t really noticed it before.


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