3 thoughts on “PHOTO: Elusive Black Rhino Can Sometimes Be Spotted on Walking Safaris in Chitwan National Park, Nepal”

  1. Hi Barbara,
    I’ve also been to Chitwan and saw several rhinos. We did the elephant (original off-road vehicle) trip. Out of all the times I’ve been on elephant back, Thailand, Cambodia & India, I’ve never seen the handler use a stick. They always used their feet right behind their ears to let them know what to do next. It’s too bad that you had a terrible experience like that to sour you for future rides. My experience was that there was always a close bond between the handlers and the elephants, with lots of love. You might talk with the handlers next time to see how they treat their animals. From on top of our elephant, we got up really close to the rhinos, as they never attack elephants and can’t seem to figure out that there are people on top. It helps to be down wind though. Keep having fun!!

  2. By looking at the photo, it looks like you were really close to Rhino. Were you a little scared? I must admit that I’d be terrified if I saw a Rhino. I’d be afraid of it charging at me. But after writing what I have just written, I read your article that accompanies this photo and I think I can answer the question for you. A resounding yes!


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