5 thoughts on “PHOTO: Many Methods of Transport in the Thamel Neighborhood of Kathmandu, Nepal”

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  2. Hi Barbara,
    It’s a beautiful, sunny, lazy Sunday here in Northern California and I’ve been cruising through your photos, wishing I were there.  Wherever you are, it seems like the grass is greener somewhere else.  Kathmandu has always been high on my list to return to one day, even though I’ve always encouraged others to see new places and not keep returning to the same place all the time.  My best friends have been to Hawaii countless times, but there’s merit in both I suppose.
    I love your history lessons.  I’m more of a walker and looker.  I’ve always tried to get out my guide book and read about what I’m looking at, but I get sidetracked easily.  I have a real passion for roaming through UNESCO sites, getting the feeling of what it must have been like back when these places were in their heyday.  The couple weeks that we were in Kathmandu, we rented bikes and rode everywhere.  I got to be quite good at navigating the city, but never got used to the traffic.  I’d take the narrow back streets to avoid the possible mayhem of the main drags.  Riding at night was always much safer.
    I notice that you mostly write articles.  Do you also keep a personal journal?  Is it digital or do you write hard copy?  I’ve always liked to sit among ruins, or wherever, and take out my journal to write and do pencil sketches.  My day pack is always loaded down with way more than a “days worth”.
    I enjoy what you have written about the several places that I’ve also visited.  I wish I knew then, what I know now about what I was viewing.  Kathmandu is a fantastically interesting place.  Keep up the good work.       


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