PHOTO: Garden of Dreams, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

PHOTO: Relaxing at the Garden of Dreams in Thamel Neighborhood of Kathmandu, Nepal

Relaxing at the Garden of Dreams in Thamel area of Kathmandu, Nepal
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6 Comments on “PHOTO: Relaxing at the Garden of Dreams in Thamel Neighborhood of Kathmandu, Nepal

  1. I roamed throughout the Thamel twenty-five years ago and cannot even imagine where this setting could be.  You’ve got me going to do some research to find this location and what/where it could have been back then.  Twenty-five years is a long time and things can change dramatically.  On the other hand, ordinary life in Kathmandu was much the same as it has been for ages when we were there.  At any rate, Kathmandu is like none other in the world!
    I also have to complement you on the use of the concentric circles that make this photo one of your best.  How long did you have to wait for the kids in the bright colored shirts to locate themselves just right to balance the frame perfectly?  The shadows are also a nice touch to accentuate the bold curves. 
    Are you sure this is really in Kathmandu?  I think you got your memory chips mixed up.  🙂

    • Hi Steve: It’s on the corner of Kantipath and Tri-Devi Marg, just up the street (about two blocks) fro Thamel Chowk. It’s got a tiny sign; you’d hardly notice it if you didn’t know it was there. Yet the moment you step inside, Thamel and Kathmandu might as well be hundreds of miles away. I can assure you, my memory chips did not get mixed up – though you’d certainly think that is the case!

  2. Looks so peaceful.  I can’t imagine it being in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu.  Quite the oasis.

  3. Lovely photo. What a wonderful name of the place! “the Garden of Dreams” sounds really like a relaxing place where one can dream away – especially if in Sweden like me with a whole weekend of RAIN ahead of me… ha ha…

    • Hi Andi: And the most fascinating part of this place is that it’s in teh center of Thamel, the crazy backpacking district in Kathmandu. But the moment you step inside it’s like a private enclave of serenity. You’d never know that outside the walls, traffic is roaring by, horns are blaring, crowds are jostling. It’s were I go when Kathmandu has “gotten to me.”

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