1 thought on “PHOTO: La Fortuna Waterfall in the Costa Rican Town of the La Fortuna”

  1. I love the fact that 11 properties were given to farmers in the area decades ago. The farmer that received this property said it was useless and it was impossible to use for agriculture so he returned it to the local municipal office. He thought it was unfair that his fellow farmers received flat, fertile, tracks of land, while he was stuck with a freakin waterfall that had no monetary value at the time. Well it turns out it is because of this waterfall that the the town of La Fortuna has been able to build its infrastructure of having a fire-station, central park, paved roads, and many other town amenities which is paid by the $10 entrance fee to La Fortuna waterfalls. That farmer might be kicking himself now but he can also feel good about the fact that his land has done so much for the town. Great shot Barbara and I hear I missed your bday so Happy Birthday!


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