7 thoughts on “PHOTO: These Exquisite Guitars are Hand Made in San Bartolome, Ecuador”

  1. Hey guys, I’m Ronny Minuche, Guitarist/Composer of the band “Lunarcode” from Los Angeles, CA.
    I was born and raised in Ecuador, and heard much about Classical Guitars from San Bartolomeo. So back in 2014 I went back to Ecuador on a trip and decided to get a Classical Guitar from Cuenca.
    Went to “Hortegs Guitars” and tried some of his handmade guitars, felt in love with one of them and purchased it.
    I have professionally recorded, toured, performed and wrote so many songs on that guitar. It sounds amazing and the quality is unbelievable!
    So happy I bought it. So many people ask me for it and even had offered to buy it from me. But I love that guitar too much.
    I have a video or 2 on YouTube playing that guitar.
    Hope this helps!

  2. From the main bus station, you take the bus to Sigsig that also says “San Bartolomeo” on the sign. Many locals refer to San Bartolomeo as “San Bartolo.” In general, I was underwhelmed with the guitars I saw in San Bartolomeo, but some of the shops were closed. I did get a pretty nice charango. Back in Cuenca, I purchased a rather nice classical guitar for $300 from a luthier within walking distance from the bus station, Jesus Ortega. His shop is called “Hortegs.” You can easily find more information on the Hortegs shop (including a video about the place) on Google.

    • Hi Stan: Sorry, but I’m not the maker. I’m just a writer who did an article on the handmade products available around Cuenca, Ecuador. I’m sure a Google search would turn up more information.


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