7 thoughts on “PHOTO: Termas de la Virgen Thermal Baths in Banos, Ecuador”

  1. Dear Barbara

    My name is William Pico im from Ecuador, Baños. Im writing you because checking the web I realized that you visited the Thermal baths in Baños a couple years ago. If it does not care you I would like to know about your perceptions, ideas or aprecciations about the baths in the picture, i mean supported in your experiencie by visitig the specfic place in the picture (the pools and around) what do think about it.

    If you were a local decision maker ( in Baños) supported in your vision as a world traveler woman and your experiencie lived in this place:

    What changes you would do in order to improve the therms?
    What kind of physic and service features should be includes in a rebuilding therms project?

    Your comment will help us to do the best decision.


    William Pico

    • Hi Heather: This photo was taken early in the day, before most of the people had arrived. It was chock full later in the day.


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