PHOTO: Horseshoe Falls Rainbow at Niagara Falls, Canada

PHOTO: Horseshoe Falls Rainbow at Niagara Falls, Canada

Rainbow over Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Falls, Canada
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14 Comments on “PHOTO: Horseshoe Falls Rainbow at Niagara Falls, Canada

    • I did indeed, Frank D. Unless attributed to someone else (happens only occasionally) I’ve taken all the photos on my site.

  1. Is there a specific period to see the rainbow? For example, the rainbow shows itself from 11:00 am until about 16:00 (when sunshine, of course)?

    • Hi Sidney: The volume of water going over Niagara Falls, both on the U.S. and the Canadian side, is so enormous that it creates a giant cloud of water vapor/spray. The tiny droplets of water act as prisms which catch the sunlight and create a rainbow, so as long as it’s sunny, you can see a rainbow most any time. I did, however, see bigger and brighter ones on the Canadian side.

  2. WOW, fantastic shot!  I really need to get to Niagara Falls, it’s terrible I’m Canadian and I’ve never been. 

  3. Barbara — your photo is gorgeous! Such a coincidence — I reposted a Niagara Falls rainbow photo for Magnificent Monday, too. Beautiful place, isn’t it?

    • That is a coincidence Catherine! Just took a look at yours. Those rainbows are magnificent, aren’t they?

  4. Cool pic Barbara, to get the boat coming in so close and the rainbow also. I have just posted pics of Blue Nile falls so would be good to have your pic linked in with the Water theme this week here-

    • Thanks Jim: Just added my link to your photos of Blue Nile Falls. Loved that the water was the color of the coffee. you KNOW how much I want to get to Ethiopia. Someday soon…

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