PHOTO: Rainbow Forms Over Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Falls, Canada

PHOTO: Horseshoe Falls Rainbow at Niagara Falls, Canada

Rainbow over Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Falls, Canada

Beautiful rainbow forms over Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Falls, as the Maid of the Mist tour boat approaches the foot of the falls. This part of the falls is best seen from the Canadian side.

14 Comments on “PHOTO: Horseshoe Falls Rainbow at Niagara Falls, Canada

    • I did indeed, Frank D. Unless attributed to someone else (happens only occasionally) I’ve taken all the photos on my site.

  1. Is there a specific period to see the rainbow? For example, the rainbow shows itself from 11:00 am until about 16:00 (when sunshine, of course)?

    • Hi Sidney: The volume of water going over Niagara Falls, both on the U.S. and the Canadian side, is so enormous that it creates a giant cloud of water vapor/spray. The tiny droplets of water act as prisms which catch the sunlight and create a rainbow, so as long as it’s sunny, you can see a rainbow most any time. I did, however, see bigger and brighter ones on the Canadian side.

  2. WOW, fantastic shot!  I really need to get to Niagara Falls, it’s terrible I’m Canadian and I’ve never been. 

  3. Barbara — your photo is gorgeous! Such a coincidence — I reposted a Niagara Falls rainbow photo for Magnificent Monday, too. Beautiful place, isn’t it?

    • That is a coincidence Catherine! Just took a look at yours. Those rainbows are magnificent, aren’t they?

  4. Cool pic Barbara, to get the boat coming in so close and the rainbow also. I have just posted pics of Blue Nile falls so would be good to have your pic linked in with the Water theme this week here-

    • Thanks Jim: Just added my link to your photos of Blue Nile Falls. Loved that the water was the color of the coffee. you KNOW how much I want to get to Ethiopia. Someday soon…

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