PHOTO: Hot Springs, North Carolina Main Street

PHOTO: Sun Sets Over Historic Buildings in Hot Springs, North Carolina

Sun Sets Over historic buildings in Hot Springs, North Carolina
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5 Comments on “PHOTO: Sun Sets Over Historic Buildings in Hot Springs, North Carolina

  1. Hot Springs holds a special place in our hearts.  Thanks for the photo and the memories of many happy times soaking in the springs, the friends and the mountain beauty.

    • Englishsunset, you have no idea just HOW right u are. I will write someday about it – this little burb is a fascinating place full of history that the locals completely take for granted.

      • I do know. I grew up in south central Virginia, farm country when I was growing up. My mom grew up in North Carolina to sharecroppers and we had so many families members scattered all over Carolina. From the shore to the mountains. Watching Andy and the gang was like our vacations.

        In my travels I come across so many places that the residents don’t realize are pieces of heaven. I have actually been brought to tears by the realization that I have stepped back in time. My only hang-up about traveling is I love going but I hate leaving.

        I look forward to reading what you write about the town in your latest email…then I look forward to every email you send.


        • Don: What a lovely thing to say. For a couple of years many of my readers asked if they could possibly see my photos in a larger size and I finally found a way to do that. Now I worry that I inundate my subscribers with too many emails – too many photos or stories for people to keep up with. So when I hear something like this, it really makes my day. Thank you so much for commenting; it means a lot to me.

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