PHOTO: Fall Colors in Revelstoke, Canada

PHOTO: Fall Colors on Main Street, Revelstoke, Canada

Main Street, Revelstoke, Canada
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5 Comments on “PHOTO: Fall Colors on Main Street, Revelstoke, Canada

    • LOL, Fida. I think that photo was taken before I ever knew you. Believe me, next time I’m going to show up on your doorstep.

  1. Great to see you’re exploring the BC mountains … just one mind-blowing vista after another!  Are you headed to the Canadian Rockies after this?  I’m in Jasper, and even though all of the touristy stuff is closed, the Fall views are all in full effect!

    • Unfortunately, not headed to BC, as I’m traveling in South America at the moment. But I’ll definitely get back there one day.

  2. Such a great time of the year to drive the Rockies…. if the weather is cooperating. I bet you got some great shots of the Rogers Pass area too.

    You really captured the steepness of the mountains surrounding Revelstoke.

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