PHOTO: U.S. Capitol Rotunda

PHOTO: Capitol Rotunda, Washington, DC

Inside the Capitol Rotunda in Washington, DC
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6 Comments on “PHOTO: Capitol Rotunda, Washington, DC

  1. One of my absolute favorite places to visit in Washington DC. So many wonderful stories about the building itself and seeing the live sessions of Congress was quite inspiring.

  2. I thought his particular room the most striking of all the various Washington buildings and monuments (along with the Vietnam Vets Wall). The detail in the frieze, the natural light and the sense of grandeur all struck me. I also sat in on an hour or so of Congress though it was a dull debate and not all that many people were in the chamber. Strange thing was that it seemed easier to attend as a foreigner than it did as a US citizen (I think a US citizen needed an invite from his congress representative). That has probably all changed now.

    • Hi Mark: Yes, I had to go to the Rayburn Building (where the members of the House of Representatives office) to get a gallery pass, however I was able to go to any State Representative’s office, rather than wander the building to find my Representative’s office, so it wasn’t too bad. Was surprised to hear it is different for foreigners, but I gess that makes sense, since you don’t have a Congressman 🙂

      • Barbara, I just had to show a passport in the Capitol and your name/country was noted and a gallery pass issued. In Australia, you can simply go in if the parliament is sitting and don’t need a gallery pass. I overheard an American complaining (well she was speaking very loud, so I couldn’t help but hear!) about not being able to get into her own Congress but it sounds like she may not have had the whole story correct about getting access.

  3. I travel through D.C. often and to be honest and like everyone I have my favorite places. Whereas the government buildings are nice my favorite building because of its beauty as well as the shops and restaurants is Union Station. I discovered it when I started using AMTRAK. This place has just about everything you might need as well as its architectural beauty from a bygone era.

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