PHOTO: Mint tea service in Casablanca, Morocco

PHOTO: Traditional Mint Tea Served in a Home in Casablanca, Morocco

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Traditional mint tea service in a home in Casablanca, Morocco

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6 Comments on “PHOTO: Traditional Mint Tea Served in a Home in Casablanca, Morocco

  1. Hi Barbara, I am surprised to see Hebrew on that bottle? You MUST take a peak at Yves St. Laurent garden in Marrakesh…..stunning. Also, we wandered down endless lanes in the souk, a bit scary but finally found the authentic, ancient HAMMAN we were seeking and it was fantastic……name? don’t know it, sorry, but I am sure there are many ‘old’ ones.

    • Hi Trixie: I did spend a couple of hours at the Yves St. Laurent garden – the colors there were magnificent, though hard to capture because we were there in midday. And I did go to a local hammam in Fez- what an experience that was!

    • I thought the same Heather, almost like a Renaissance painting!

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