PHOTO: Gorilla at Durrell Wildlife ConservationPark, Jersey, Britain

4 Comments on “PHOTO: Gorilla at Durrell Wildlife Conservation Park on the Isle of Jersey

    • Hi Nancy: I actually picked it up once, in France if you can believe it, and flipped through it, but decided not to buy it. After visiting Jersey, which I had. I’ll find it somewhere one of these days.

  1. Great shot! I have been to Jersey but the zoo was closed when I was there – next time I must visit as I have heard so many great things about it !

    • Hi Natasha: As a general rule I’m not a big supporter of zoos that displays animals in captivity for the amusement of humans but in this case, I understand Durrell does some really wonderful research on and work for endangered species. It’s definitely worth a visit if you get back.

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