Homage to Seneca Falls, NY – Birthplace of Women’s Suffrage

Park Ranger presentation on the history of the women's suffrage movement, inside the restored Wesleyan Chapel

I just finished watching day three of the Democratic National Convention. One sentence in Nancy Pelosi’s speech caught my attention. Speaking about women, she said, “Our diversity is our strength. Our unity is our power. This month, as America marks the centennial of women, finally, women winning the right to vote, we do so with … Read more

Visiting Buenos Aires – A Photo Journey Through Argentina’s Capital City

Colorful La Boca neighborhood must be included on any list of things to do in Buenos Aires

There is so much to see in Buenos Aires that it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Visiting Buenos Aires must be done slowly. It must be savored, neighborhood by neighborhood. I could write an epistle about everything I did in this most European of South American cities but sometimes, as they say, a picture is worth … Read more

VIDEO: Giant Chunk of Ice Calves Off Face of the Perito Moreno Glacier in El Calafate, Argentina

Perito Moreno glacier in El Calafate, Argentina, provides one of the best opportunities in the world to witness glaciers calving

I debated whether or not I wanted to skip seeing Perito Moreno Glacier in El Calafate, Argentina. After all, I’d just returned from Antarctica, where I’d seen dozens of glaciers. However, I hadn’t see any glaciers calving, and I desperately wanted to see a giant chunk of ice fall off the face of a glacier. … Read more