Hacienda Xcanatun – An Oasis of Tranquility in Mexico’s Yucatan

I followed the bellman down a long covered portico, where lustrous marble floors gleamed like polished bronze in the slanting rays of a late afternoon sun. At the end of the terrace he stopped before a massive set of wooden doors and jiggled a large metal skeleton key in the lock. Shifting my backpack impatiently, … Read more

Serpents and Demons Couldn’t Protect Uxmal from Ultimate Demise

Stone mask of Chac at Uxmal Mayan ruins in Mexico

The demonic eyes in the stone mask stopped me in my tracks. This was Chac, the Mayan rain god, the most important deity in a land where the only source of fresh water was infrequent rain. I could easily imagine its hawk-like beak flaying the flesh from my bones. The stone visage guarded a stairway … Read more

Built Atop the Ruins of Ancient T’Ho, Merida’s Main Plaza is the Wellspring of its Culture

I pressed my nose to the bus window as we rolled into Merida, one of the places in Mexico that I had yearned to see for years. My brow furrowed in disappointment; the city looked nothing like I had envisioned. With its location in the northwestern corner of the Yucatan, just inland of where the … Read more

Mexico Trivia: Zocalo, Plazuela, Jardin, or Plaza Principal?

I hopped in a taxi at the bus station and asked the driver to take me to the Zocalo. “Perdon?” he replied.  Thinking he hadn’t heard me I repeated my request, but he still seemed perplexed.  “La Plaza Principal?” I tried. That did the trick; we were instantly on our way to the main square … Read more

Giving in to Temptation in Merida

Somehow the man in the Chihuahua park knew I was easy prey. From a distance he slouched against a hand cart and looked me over. His first pass was casual, just a slow saunter past my park bench, without even a glance in my direction. Old addictive thinking patterns resurfaced, patterns I thought I had … Read more