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A Much Needed Break In Sozopol, Bulgaria

By the end of my week in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia I was still suffering from the effects of eating tainted food in a restaurant in Brasov, Romania. I couldn’t seem to shake the the upset stomach and general malaise that had sapped my energy. Just the idea of returning to fast…

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My New Passion – Learning to Fly

I first saw the acrobats on the beach at The Sanctuary Resort on Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand. One of the men was lying on his back on the sand, balancing a diminutive Chinese girl seated on his feet. Using only his feet, he turned the girl around so that she was facing away. She…

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Officially Adopted by My Yoga Guru and his Nepali Family

Very few things in life frighten me, but by the time I arrived in Pokhara, I was scared. My left hip and knee had never fully healed from an injury sustained in Mexico earlier in the year and as a result even an easy trek to Nagarkot and day hikes around the mountain…

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Speaking Of Traveling in India

The synchronicity of the world constantly amazes me. Yesterday I wrote about traveling in India, and today I receive an email from my friend, Dorothy, who hails from Edinburgh, Scotland. Dorothy and I became fast friends when we both attended a very special Yoga retreat in a remote area of central India a…

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Committing To Meditation

For the third straight morning, I roll out my Yoga mat on my living room floor and sit in half lotus pose. I straighten my back and rest my hands on my knees palms up, bringing the tips of my forefingers and thumbs together to create circles. Closing my eyes, I begin Ujjayi…

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Tenacity Is Following Your Heart – Even When The Whole World Is Screaming To Get Back In Your Head

My most excellent Yoga teacher, Michelle Roy, dedicated my practice this week to tenacity. She read a passage from the book “Blessings, Prayers and Dedications for a Heartful Life” by Julia Cameron, that was so inspiring I just had to share it: MY TENACITY IS A POWERFUL ENGINE FOR GOOD I am blessed…

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