Chatting With President Franklin D. Roosevelt At The Little White House In Georgia

President Franklin D. Roosevelt nodded at me from his wheelchair on the porch of his favorite retreat in Warm Springs, Georgia. “Good afternoon, Mr. President,” I said. “May I inquire where you are from?” he asked. “Sarasota, Florida.” “Ah, yes. I have traveled to your part of the country to inspect military installations and harbors … Read more

Chasing Butterflies At Callaway Gardens In Pine Mountain, Georgia

It was gray and drizzly on the afternoon I arrived at the Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center in Pine Mountain Georgia. I stepped inside the octagonal glass Conservatory, prepared to be wowed by more than 1,000 butterflies of 50 different species flying freely throughout the enclosed rain forest environment. But nothing was happening; hardly a … Read more

Hotels Have Come A Long Way Since The Days Of Stagecoach Travel

Since I’d opted to extend my stay in Toccoa, I took advantage of the opportunity to visit Traveler’s Rest State Historic Site, located in the Tugaloo Valley just five miles east of town. This 1815 stagecoach inn and plantation house has been completely restored, providing visitors with a glimpse of what it was like to … Read more

Toccoa, Georgia – Go For The Waterfall, But Stay For The History

My tour of waterfalls seemingly at an end, I spread the map out on my lap and contemplated the best route between Tallulah Falls and Atlanta, Georgia. As I scanned my options I noticed a red dot on the map, not far from my current location. I squinted to make out the small print: Toccoa … Read more

Spectacular Trails and Waterfalls in Tallulah Gorge State Park

By the time I crossed over into northeast Georgia from the mountains of North Carolina, I was tired. For days, I’d been hiking back country trails, shimmying down river embankments, and clambering over rocky cliff faces in search of waterfalls. But when I rolled into Tallulah Falls, Georgia, I realized there would be no rest … Read more