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Morton Arboretum – 1,700 Acres of Winter Wonderland

After a few housebound weeks in Illinois’ sub-freezing winter weather, a thirty-six degree day felt positively balmy. Although the weatherman called for yet another dreary, overcast day, no snow or freezing rain was forecast, so I seized the opportunity to visit the Morton Arboretum, a 1,700-acre park in the Chicago’s western suburbs. The…

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Winter in Frozen Illinois

I am on my annual pilgrimage to the Chicago area to visit family over the holidays. The day after I arrived, freezing rain coated everything with ice, creating dangerously slick driving conditions. The following day, more freezing rain was followed by eight inches of snow. Since then, it has snowed almost every day…

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A River Runs Through It – Flooding Everything

The Kankakee River ice jam is no more. Two days ago the temperature in Illinois soared to a record breaking 60 degrees; this on the heels of weeks of sub-zero temperatures that had frozen the river solid. As the thermometer climbed, the ice began to melt and crack, piling up in giant slabs…

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Crazy Illinois Winter Weather Brings Ice Jams, Flooding, and Tornadoes on the Kankakee River

Unless this crazy weather pattern stops, I’m afraid my family is going to run me out of town on a rail for fear that I am a jinx. To begin with, this has been Illinois’ coldest December in many years. The Kankakee River, which runs right by my Dad’s front door, NEVER freezes…

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Illinois in the Winter – Such a Delightful Place

The high temperature today in Illinois was MINUS one degree. This followed a night of sub-zero temps with wind gusts up to 35 mph. All night long, high winds roared across the frozen river outside my father’s house, tearing ice off the trees in the yard. Every so often the sound of ice…

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Beautiful Photos from Illinois Ice Storm

There is beauty in everything and last night’s ice storm was no exception. I braved the cold temperatures, slippery roads, and tree limbs crashing down all around me to capture these photos:

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