Self-Guided Walking Tour of Paris by Night (With Map)

Experts disagree how Paris came to be known as the “City of Light.” According to the official City of Paris website, the nickname was originally bestowed upon the city “because it was a vast center of education and ideas during the Age of Enlightenment.” Other sources state Paris was dubbed City of Light in 1828 … Read more

Seeing George Town, Penang, One Cautious Step at a Time

I walked cautiously, trying not to slip into the concrete gutters that separate George Town’s row houses from the narrow road. Beside me, a gaunt Chinese man with flowing white hair pedaled an ancient bicycle. The foot-long hairs growing from his bulbous black chin mole bounced in perfect time with his pumping feet. Distracted, I … Read more

Living the Tranquil Life in Teotihuacan, Mexico

Heat from the asphalt permeated the thick soles of my hiking boots and perspiration beaded on my brow as I walked from the town of San Juan de Teotihuacan to the ancient ruins of Teotihuacan. The owner of the inn where I was staying said it was a 15 minute walk, yet it had been … Read more

Morton Arboretum – 1,700 Acres of Winter Wonderland

After a few housebound weeks in Illinois’ sub-freezing winter weather, a thirty-six degree day felt positively balmy. Although the weatherman called for yet another dreary, overcast day, no snow or freezing rain was forecast, so I seized the opportunity to visit the Morton Arboretum, a 1,700-acre park in the Chicago’s western suburbs. The Arboretum was … Read more

Traveling The Silver Comet Trail in Smyrna, Georgia

Seems I have a hard time staying in one place for very long. I am on the road again, headed for Chicago to attend two blogging conferences: BlogHer and TravelBlogExchange. As usual, I am wandering a bit. In Smyrna, Georgia (a suburb of Atlanta) I stopped to check out the Silver Comet Trail, the longest … Read more