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PHOTO: The Otherworldly Volcanic Landscape of Iceland

Click on title to view photo in large format: With razor-sharp, tortured lava formations everywhere, the volcanic landscape of Iceland felt otherworldly to me. Iceland has the dubious honor of having more active volcanoes and volcanic activity than anywhere else on the planet. The mid-Atlantic ridge rises from the ocean floor to split…

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PHOTO: Quadriportico at the Great Theater in Pompeii

Click on above photo to view it in large format: The Quadriportico at the Great Theater in Pompeii likely served as a foyer for the theater. Though the art and statuary that once filled it is gone, the 74 surrounding columns have survived

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The Ruins of Herculaneum – A Snapshot of Agony

In the early afternoon of August 24 in A.D. 79, more than 300 residents of Herculaneum, Rome fled to the shores of the Mediterranean. Some lingered on the beach, others huddled inside seafront boathouses, and all were terrified. For the past several days the earth had been rocked by tremors. Earthquakes were a…

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From Hiking Volcanoes to Mouthwatering Cuisine, Catalonia, Spain Has it All

From the outset, I knew I was in trouble in Costa Brava, Spain. Not only did I love the people, architecture, and scenery, I loved the food! As if conspiring to pierce my Achilles heel, Costa Brava Girona Tourism Board, the main sponsor and host of the Travel Blog Exchange Conference I had…

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