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VIDEO: Why Eastern Europe Will Be the Next Hot Travel Destination

I had the distinct privilege of being interviewed by The Expat Chat about why I think Eastern Europe is the next hot travel destination. Over the past few years, I’ve visited every country in Eastern Europe, so I have a lot to say on the subject. If you have a fascination for Eastern…

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VIDEO: Firing Up the Tesla Coil at the Nikola Tesla Museum

  I waited uncomfortably as our guide prepared to demonstrate the Tesla Coil at the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Serbia. Would my hair stand on end? Would I be shocked? He threw the switch, and a lightning bolt split the air, reaching for the copper ball suspended above the coil. The people…

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VIDEO: The Making of Traditional Hungarian Honey Cakes

    For most of his adult life, László Radics has been making traditional Hungarian honey cakes in his family’s home workshop in Debrecen, Hungary. In this video, he shows us how they are made, and explains a bit of the history behind honey cakes.

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VIDEO: Centennial Olympic Park Fountain in Atlanta, Georgia

    The Centennial Olympic Park fountain in downtown Atlanta, Georgia was constructed in preparation for the 1996 Summer Olympics. At its centerpiece are five Olympic circles embedded in the pavement, from which waters spout in syncopation with songs such as Chariots of Fire and Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon. The…

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