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Chiang Khong, Thailand – Border Town with Benefits

I’ve passed through my fair share of border towns over the years. Many are shabby, filthy encampments that exist on either side of a barren no man’s land where immigration officials with steely gazes extract their pound of flesh. Some, like Poipet at the border between Cambodia and Thailand, feel downright dangerous. As…

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Florida’s Babcock Wilderness, Where Man and Nature Live in Harmony

Trinkets and souvenirs rarely interest me when I travel, but I find it almost impossible to pass by a farm stand selling local honey. Each of the half dozen varieties lining my kitchen shelves has a particular use: a thick, full-bodied Blackberry honey from the Virginia hills is best drizzled over fresh fruit,…

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Buying Local – Not As Easy As You Think

The older (or should I say more mature) I get, the more interest I have in environmental issues. Since moving to Sarasota I’ve become a fan of the Saturday morning Downtown Farmer’s Market, where local organic and traditional farmers sell fresh-picked fruits and vegetables. Not only does everything that I buy here taste…

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Eat – Er – Play Your Vegetables

A couple of friends of mine are in the process of starting up a new company that will deliver delicious, healthy raw food lunches to customers in downtown Sarasota. Since one of these friends is my roommate, Joan, our ‘fridge is always loaded with scrumptious fresh veggies and I have the side benefit…

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Yummmmm! ‘Nuff Said

I got up early this morning and walked five blocks to the Sarasota Farmer’s Market. This market is held every Saturday and is about four blocks long. Almost all of the produce offered is locally grown and the lion’s share is organic. It’s located next to Whole Foods Market, so if I don’t…

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