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Keep Frequent Flier Miles From Expiring

When I traveled around the world for six months in 2007, I racked up more than 80,000 frequent flier miles with USAirways. Since returning all of my travel has been by car, so I haven’t had an opportunity to redeem any of my mileage. Recently I discovered that USAirways frequent filer miles expire…

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Raising the Miracle On the Hudson From the Bottom of the River

This series of photos showing the raising of the “Miracle on the Hudson” USAirways jet from the bottom of the river were forwarded to me today. I can’t know for sure where they came from, but the body of the email indicated they were taken by the crane operator lifting the Airbus out…

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On Birds, Plane Crashes, and Impending Death

The recent plane crash of a USAirways jet stirred up memories for me. A few years ago I was flying from the mainland of Honduras to Guanaja in the Bay Islands, which is located about 30 miles off the northern coast. The twin engine puddle-jumper took off to the east and banked left…

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USAirways – An American Company To Be Proud Of

On occasion I have written about things that I consider indicative of the “Failing of America” – usually companies that have lost touch with their customers’ needs and desires or have forgotten what customer service is about. In these cases there is usually a lot of finger pointing going on – blaming someone/something…

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