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Music Without Borders – the World’s Most Fascinating Music Stories on PBS

Some of my most enduring travel memories are inextricably linked with music. As I trekked a jungle trail connecting temples at the Angkor Wat complex in Cambodia, I happened upon a group of musicians performing traditional Khmer wedding songs. They sat or squatted on a crude raised wooden platform in front of exotic…

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What Is Twitter? The Most Important Marketing Revolution Of Our Lifetime

Most people just don’t get it. I constantly hear, “What’s the big deal over this Twitter thing? It’s just another way to send a text message.” But years from now, when we look back on the Twitter-wave that swept across the world, it will be recognized for what it is – the most…

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Be Open To Seeing Things In A New Way

This emotionally stirring film, Story of a Sign, by Alonso Alvarez Barreda was the winner of the fourth annual online competition of the 2008 Short Film Corner at Cannes. Its powerful message urges us to look at things from a new perspective. Presented by the national Film Board of Canada, in collaboration with…

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Does Anybody Know What Time It Is?

For many years people asked me how I could function in business without wearing a watch. Recently, it occurred to me that no one has questioned my refusal to wear a watch for quite a long time, and so I began checking out people to see how many were wearing watches. I must…

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And You Thought TV Programming Was Bad In The U.S.?

After watching the video of this Japanese game show I’m going to think twice before I ever again complain about the poor quality of TV programming in the U.S. The video shows the newest game show craze in Japan. Ridiculous? Yes! But so ridiculous that it’s hysterically funny. I was sitting in the…

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