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Montestigliano Holiday Farm, A Special Place Under the Tuscan Sun

The deep-throated cooing of pigeons in the rafters roused me from a delicious sleep. I stretched and yawned before climbing out of bed to watch the sunrise. As the sky blushed deep orange, lights winked on across the valley, marking tiny hilltop towns that are invisible during daylight hours. I glanced at the…

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PHOTO: Piero della Francesca Painting Undergoing Restoration in Sansepolcro, Italy

One the many joys of wandering around the Tuscan countryside is discovering astonishing artwork found in every village, no matter how tiny. During my stay at the luxury Tuscan farmhouse of Montestigliano, I visited the tiny town of Sansepolcro, Italy, the very last town on the eastern border of Tuscany prior to crossing…

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PHOTO: Roses Climb a Wall at Montestigliano Holiday Farmhouse in Tuscany, Italy

Roses climb a wall at Montestigliano holiday farmhouse in Tuscany, which offers stays at an authentic working farm in the Italian countryside. One of the joys of staying at this Tuscan retreat in Siena was exploring the grounds. The terrace below Casa Luisa, the gorgeous restored palazzo where I stayed, was perfect for…

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PHOTO: The Gorgeous Hilltop Town of Siena in Tuscany, Italy

The hilltop town of Siena is one of the most beautiful rural villages in Tuscany, Italy. In this view, the Siena Cathedral (Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta), commonly known as the Duomo, crowns the hilltop. The town is a true wonder of Medieval brick architecture, the highlight of which is Campo Square (Piazza…

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PHOTO: Palace at Montestigliano Luxury Holiday Farm in Tuscany, Italy

A centuries-old palace at Montestigliano luxury holiday farm in Tuscany, Italy, is drenched in shades of gold and burnt orange under the setting sun. Visiting the hilltop towns of Tuscany has almost become cliché, and many of the region’s most popular destinations are overcrowded with tourists. However, there are still ways to have…

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The Leaning Tower is About All that Pisa, Italy has to Offer

Yes, there’s a tower. It leans. And that’s the only thing of interest in the city of Pisa. That’s what I WAS going to say. Until it started raining. But I’m getting ahead of myself…. I left Florence on the train early this morning, bound for Cinque Terre, and stopped in Pisa for…

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