A Terrifying Trip Into Mujib Canyon, Jordan

A road to nowhere heads into the depths of Mujib Canyon, Jordan. Read further for my tips on how to book a tour to Petra and Wadi Rum in order to avoid the experience I had.

I sought the advice of fellow travelers on the most important places to visit in Jordan. Of the many responses I received, two sites made the top of everyone’s list: Petra and Wadi Rum. But how to arrange to see these far flung places from my initial arrival in the capital city of Amman? My … Read more

Sipping Coffee and Sampling Tortes Like A Local in Budapest

Opulent Italian Renaissance and Baroque decor at New York Cafe, one of Budapest's most famous coffee houses

As a travel writer specializing in culture, I’m often asked how I tap into the culture of the destinations I visit. I must admit to having a secret weapon – well maybe two secret weapons. First, I will talk to anyone. But I have to find an opportunity to open a conversation, which leads me … Read more

When is a Tour Not a Tour? When it’s a Tauck.

Private concert by Donald Harrison for Tauck Jazz Event

Most of my travel is done independently. I research the places I visit and make all my own arrangements for transportation, accommodations and sightseeing. Once in a while, however, I’m offered the opportunity to take a tour, where I travel with a group and stick to a set itinerary. I have always recognized the benefits … Read more

Self-Guided Walking Tour of Paris by Night (With Map)

Experts disagree how Paris came to be known as the “City of Light.” According to the official City of Paris website, the nickname was originally bestowed upon the city “because it was a vast center of education and ideas during the Age of Enlightenment.” Other sources state Paris was dubbed City of Light in 1828 … Read more