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Perfect Travel Gear from Eagle Creek Luggage

As a perpetual traveler with no permanent home I live out of a suitcase, so I’m constantly searching for the perfect luggage and accessories. I began blogging and traveling for a living more than seven years ago at age 54. Initially, I chose an Eagle Creek wheeled backpack that had a zip-off day…

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My 7 Links

Dave Bouskill and Deb Corbeil, photographers and travel writers at The Planet D, invited me to participate in a fun travel blogger exercise called “My 7 Links.” The goal of the project, which is the inspiration of Tripbase, is to share lessons learned and create a bank of past but not forgotten blog…

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The Essential Travel Guide for Pokhara, Nepal

UPDATED JULY, 2020. This online travel guide for the city of Pokhara in Nepal, is designed to help anyone who wants to visit one of the places on this planet that have captured my heart. I spent three months in Nepal in late 2010, much of the time in Pokhara. Since then, I…

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Best Kept Travel Secrets eBook Launch

Back in November 2009, the folks at Tripbase had a clever idea. They picked several of their favorite travel bloggers and challenged them to write about their three best travel secrets. Those initial bloggers each had to “tag” three more travel bloggers to do likewise, and so on. What was originally intended as…

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Two Tips for Safe Driving in Bad Weather

Since we’re all driving more and flying less, I want to pass along two very interesting safe driving tips that were emailed to me yesterday. WEAR YOUR SUNGLASSES WHEN DRIVING IN A HEAVY RAIN: During a heavy downpour, visibility is bad, even with the wipers on high. Wearing your sunglasses will vastly improve…

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Tipping Is A Privilege, Not A Right

Last week i was standing in line at the coffee shop, waiting for the woman in front of me to pay. She signed her credit card slip, slid it across the counter to the cashier, and turned to walk away. The surly young cashier called after her: “Thanks for taking care of us.”…

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