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Florida’s Historic Cypress Gardens Reopens After Facelift

Update January, 2019: Sadly, the reopening of Cypress Gardens was short lived. It unceremoniously closed its doors in 2009. The property was subsequently purchased and reopened as Legoland Florida Resort in May 2015. Legoland preserved the botanical gardens and re-themed the water park attractions to reflect Lego brands. Closed since November 2008, Florida’s first…

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Downtown Disney – Not Worth The Time

Day three of my Walt Disney World discovery tour was devoted to Downtown Disney because this is where my niece and her choral group would be performing at various times throughout the day. I’d previously had a poor experience at the Magic Kingdom and a great experience at Epcot, so it seemed that…

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Epcot – The Best of Walt Disney World

After a disappointing day at the Magic Kingdom that included an amusing run-in with a phony Prince Charming, I was prepared not to like Epcot Center at Walt Disney World. To my delight, I loved absolutely everything about it. Although I wholeheartedly recommend a visit to Epcot any time of year, I was…

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Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom – Not So Magic

Remember the TV ads that featured Olympic Gold Medalists, Super Bowl stars, and World Series MVP’s responding to the question “What Now?” Their answer was always,  “I’m going to Disney World!” Those ads made such an impression on me that I added Walt Disney World to my list of places to see before…

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