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Irreverent Homage To Sunset In Key West

Whenever evening skies are swathed in shades of pink, gold, and violet, I pause to absorb the exquisite beauty before me. As the sun dips below the horizon I focus on being fully present and in the moment, turning my attention away from the stresses of the day. Nature also seems to shed…

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Traveling Around Tampa Bay In Search Of Florida’s Best Gulfcoast Beaches

As I travel north to visit my family for the holidays, I decided to stop the Tampa Bay area. This is one of the few areas of Florida that I had not considered prior to moving from North Carolina to Florida and I thought a tour of this area was long overdue. Among…

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The Yin And Yang Of Life

Ancient Chinese philosophy teaches that forces seemingly in opposition to one another are inextricably bound together. The Chinese refer to this concept as the Yin and Yang of life, which is represented by the black and white circular graphic shown below. In simplified terms, Yin and Yang teaches that there is value in…

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