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What Is Up With All This Crazy Winter Weather?

Snow on the Outer Banks of North Carolina? Not a regular occurrence, but it’s been known to happen. Three inches of snow in one day in Las Vegas, where they normally don’t get more than a half inch during an entire winter? Now that’s a bit strange. But when I heard it snowed…

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My Dad, My Car, a Grocery Store, and Winter Driving in a Snowstorm

I groggily emerged from my Dad’s guest bedroom around 8:15 this morning, after having slept less than four hours. “If  you want to go grocery shopping today, you have to be ready by nine o’clock because there’s a snowstorm on the way,” Dad announced. For the past week I have been driving through…

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Have I Said I HATE Cold Weather?

So, I’m on the road again. Headed north. Which is crazy, because I hate the cold weather. But my entire family lives in Illinois and I travel back home for Christmas each year, so it is what it is. This trip, however, has presented a few challenges. Things started to go wrong while…

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